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Pachysandra Planting with Birch Tree
A neat, small Pachysandra Terminalis planting in deep shade under a white birch tree. Evergreen the year round, this compact growth was achieved with about 300 plants.


The perfect all around ground cover for those hard to plant shady areas where nothing else will grow.

Pachysandra is the best easy to maintain hardy groundcover for areas from full shade to part sun.

PACHYSANDRA TERMINALIS, also known by its common name JAPANESE SPURGE, is an old-time ground cover plant with versatile modern day use. Evergreen the year round, self-sustaining and always looks well. Originally native to Japan and parts of Asia, PACHYSANDRA spreads by rhizomes to form a solid blanket of green. Ideal for partly shaded or full shade areas. Primarily does best in shade and moist ground, but once established will grow in partly sunny areas with less moisture. Despite the fact that is evergreen DEER AVOID IT as they do not like its taste.

You can make your home ground the showcase of the neighborhood. Your foundation planting is not complete without PACHYSANDRA or VINCA MINOR as a permanent evergreen cover. PACHYSANDRA or VINCA MINOR makes a unique gift to your HomeOwner friends.

REMEMBER - Once established, a PACHYSANDRA planting will eliminate grass cutting and weeding. Your lawn work stops at the edge of the lawn.


Bank with Pachysandra
An extensive planting of Pachysandra in partly shaded area bordering a driveway. No maintenance needed. This 10' x 60' planting required about 2,500 plants.

PACHYSANDRA is the only satisfactory plant that will grow as a ground cover under Pine Trees. This plant is used extensively under large spreading trees, back of buildings or in other situations too shady for grass to grow. PACHYSANDRA will transform otherwise bare and ugly ground areas into attractive year-round cover. It is also very effective as a border plant along paths or driveway edgings.

In Mid-Spring PACHYSANDRA TERMINALIS plants produce tiny white flower spikes which add abit of interest and have a sweet fragrance.

PACHYSANDRA grows at an even height of about 8 inches, giving a perfect flat top effect even for the largest areas. Perennial and long-lived, PACHYSANDRA develops deepest dark green color in partly or fully shaded areas, where few other plants can succeed.  



Pachysandra is very easy to plant, and once established fills in areas completely. While it can seem intimidating at first when several hundred or perhaps even several thousand arrive in the mail, they are not time consuming to plant. For many of our long time customers the annual "Pachysandra planting" has become a tradition that the whole family gets involved with--it can be alot of fun! Following the steps below will help to insure success:

Preparatory to planting, loosen or pulverize the entire ground area. Enrich, if needed, with decayed stable manure, decayed leaves, or with peat moss. Pachysandra thrives in soil with an acidic PH of around 6.0., and peat moss, which is mildy acidic with a PH of 4.5, will assist in lowering the PH of the overall soil.

Loosen the overall soil to a depth of 3-4 inches.Where roots from trees are close to the surface, such as under maples, lindens or elms, cut these surface roots to three or four inches deep with a sharp grub-hoe; then, add 3 to 4 inches of new topsoil as explained. In such well prepared areas, the roots will spread quickly.

Most soils are suitable to the growing of Pachysandra and other Ground Cover Plants, and require no more work than digging the earth a few inches deep before planting is done. Your particular soil may not be poor, but if there is doubt, it is well to follow the ground preparations as outlined. 

The best tool we have found over the years of planting literally MILLIONS of Pachysandra plants is a simple masons trowel, simply open up a small pocket in the loosened soil, place in the plant and lightly tamp around the base of the plant.

The first watering after planting should be thorough. Subsequent waterings the first season are beneficial, and may be needed, especially in periods with no rain. Do not allow plants to wilt, the sign of insufficient moisture. It is very important to remove weeds by hand the first and second years. Tool cultivation is apt to destroy the many underground stolons (spreading root leaders) which continue to grow and form new stems during the Spring and Summer months.


Once Pachysandra is planted, there are several ways to help them to quickly become established and thrive. In the early spring a general purpose granular fertilizer can be applied to encourage growth, a good one being Holly-Tone, which is made for acid loving plants. For the occassional boost thoroughout the season liquid plant food can be applied of which Mir-acid, which is Mircle-grow for acid loving plants, can be applied.  In the fall, a second granular fertilizer application can be made to help the plants get ready for spring.



Green Carpet Pachysandra
Green Carpet Pachysandra
Glossy evergreen foliage. At maturity plants sit about 2" lower to the ground than common Pachysandra.


Many people are not aware of the fact that in addition to common Japanese Spurge, there are several more rare and highly unusual varieties of PACHYSANDRA seldom offered for sale elsewhere. If you would really like to add some interest to your garden we highly recommend thinking about some of our PACHYSANDRA cultivars, each with its own unique qualities:

Green Sheen is a perennial favorite that is hard to find anyplace else! The plants have the most amazing sightly curled glossy leaves that truly shine and look "wet" at all times. A real favorite here at Peekskill Nurseries.

Silver Edge, or Variegated Pachysandra, have a lighter green colored leaf than the common type bordered with a delicate creamy white edge. They also have slightly "crinkled" leaves for added visual interest.

Green Carpet is another fine cultivar that distinguishes itself by having a more toothed leaf, more visible veining and a waxy sheen to the leaf. This muted gloss is shinier than the regular variety but less than that of Green Sheen. Green Carpet also grows 2" shorter than common Pachysandra for a more compact look.

Bed of Green Sheen
Green Sheen Pachysandra

Silver Edge Pachysandra
Silver Edge Variegated Pachysandra
Creamy white edge with medium green interior leaf. A nice plant for variety in the landscape.
Limited Supply



Regular vs Green Carpet Pachysandra

In this side-by side photo, one can see the difference between Common Pachysandra Terminalis on the left and Green Carpet on the right. Note that the Green Carpet a darker shade of green, with longer
more toothed leaves. Green Carpet also has more visible viening and a slight gloss to the leaf.

 Bank planted with Pachysandra
Bank Planted with Pachysandra Terminalis

No other plant can give the complete satisfaction that PACHYSANDRA does. It has proven itself perfectly hardy in practically every section of the U.S. and Canada. You can plant almost any time of the year - March through December. Strong husky plants in outside soil frames. Plant 6 inches apart. Pachysandra does well in a good, loose, fertile soil with an acidic pH under 6.0. Fertilizers for acid loving plants such as Holly-Tone can be amended into the soil sparingily in spring each year to help with new growth.

NOTE: If you intend to mulch these groundcovers, we suggest you use medium or fine shredded mulch not more than one inch deep.



Many of our customers have never purchased from a mail-order nursery, and consequently are concerned about the ordering process and the health of the plants after shipping.

Do not dismay!!
All of our plants are hand-sorted for quality and health before being shipped, and with our shipping methods most orders arrive within four days of being shipped for most places in the nation.
Bed of Silver Edge 
Pachysandra 'Silver Edge' in a foundation planting 


Bundle of Verigated Pachysandra 
Bundle of 50 Verigated Pachysandra Plants ready to be packaged for shipment


All of our PACHYSANDRA plants are sold bare-root. These are complete and healthy plants with leaves ready to grow and not, as the name may suggest, just clumps of roots!  Bare-root simply  refers to the way the nursery stock is presented for sale. All of our ground cover plants are grown and just prior to shipping all of the soil is shaken off the roots. The now "bare-roots" are then wrapped either in plastic or wax paper wrap. This is to save the customer on shipping costs and makes for stock that is easy to plant.  While processing the plants in the manner, we also ensure that each plant is inspected for root health prior to shipping. The plants are hardy and can handle transport as the roots stay moist for the entire length of shipping. Plants should be planted promptly upon arrival to ensure success. 

What about PACHYSANDRA seeds?

We are asked on occasion about the sale and production of PACHYSANDRA seeds. PACHYSANDRA produces white fruits in autumn that contain small seeds, but it usually takes some work to even find the fruits as they are seldom produced in any great quantity. This is because PACHYSANDRA requires cross-pollination of its flowers to produce the fruits, and many colonies that fill entire beds are "clonal" produced by spreading of Rhizomes (creeping roots) from the original plants. Consequently they are all genetically identical and incapable of fertilizing each other. 

Even if PACHYSANDRA produced seeds in great quantity, the time required for them to grow into a fully-developed plant would be far longer than cuttings, making seeds not practical for production. All of our plants are produced using cuttings from high-quality hardy specimens.


 Can PACHYSANDRA be grown in sunny locations?

A common question that we are often asked is can PACHYSANDRA grow in sunny locations? The answer is yes, provided some parameters are met. Pachysandra prefers shady to partly sunny areas, but can grow in areas with more sun provided that they are provided with plenty of water, and the roots are kept cool. Irrigation from a system on a regular basis is a good way to achieve this. The leaves will generally become a lighter shade of green to adjust to the bright sunlight, which is not to everyone's taste. If this lighter color is not a concern Pachysandra can be planted in sunnier areas, and if a large prexisting planting has lost some shade-cover, this is also a good way to attempt to preserve the bed and keep the plants healthy.

Please be advised that Peekskill Nurseries has limited quantities of Green Carpet, Green Sheen, or Silver Edge. Please advance order any of these cultivars if you desire a large quantity.


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All of our Pachysandras are one-year, bed-grown, bareroot, with excellent foliage and roots. They are packed in bundles of 50 or 100.
*We recommend planting Pachysandra six inches
apart for most applications*
At this spacing, 4 plants per square foot are required

Closeup of Pachysandra Terminalis
PACHYSANDRA - Terminalis
Common Japanese Spurge
100 for $50.00
Pachysandra Green Sheen [Sample]
200 for $98.00
500 for $232.00 1000 for $450.00
2000 for $850.00


Green Sheen Pachysandra Closup

The Green Sheen Pachysandra is available in limited quantities.
Deep green, very glossy, curled leaves. Will grow 8" to 10" off the ground at maturity.
100 for $70.00
Pachysandra Green Sheen [Sample]
200 for $140.00
500 for $338.00
1000 for $650.00


Close up of Pachysandra Green Carpet
PACHYSANDRA 'Green Carpet'

100 for $60.00
Pachysandra Green Carpet [Sample]
200 for $120.00
500 for $295.00
1000 for $570.00


Variegated Pachysandra Close up

 Variegated PACHYSANDRA 'Silver Edge' 
(Also known as PACHYSANDRA 'Variegata')

100 for $60.00
Pachysandra Silver Edge [Sample]
200 for $120.00
500 for $300.00
1000 for $560.00

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