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Planting Information



The following information is intended primarily for the growing of Pachysandra. In general, however, all other plant material will succeed under these same conditions.

Preparatory to planting, loosen or pulverize the entire ground area. Enrich, if needed, with decayed stable manure, decayed leaves, or with peat moss. This last is usually carried in stock by local feed store or garden centers.

Where roots from trees are close to the surface, such as under maples, lindens or elms, cut these surface roots to three or four inches deep with a sharp grub-hoe; then, add 3 to 4 inches of new topsoil as explained. In such well prepared areas, the roots will spread quickly.

Most soils are suitable to the growing of Pachysandra and other Ground Cover Plants, and require no more work than digging the earth a few inches deep before planting is done. Your particular soil may not be poor, but if there is doubt, it is well to follow the ground preparations as outlined.

The first watering after planting should be thorough. Subsequent waterings the first season are beneficial, and may be needed, especially in periods with no rain. Do not allow plants to wilt, the sign of insufficient moisture. It is very important to remove weeds by hand the first and second years. Tool cultivation is apt to destroy the many underground stolons which continue to grow and form new stems during the Spring and Summer months.

ALLOW FALLEN LEAVES TO GATHER AMONG THE PLANTS IN FALL but do not let them accumulate heavily on top of plants going into winter. These leaves decay in time and form a good moisture-retaining mulch -- the secret for a successful growth of Pachysandra and all other ground cover plants.

How Many Plants per Square Foot ?

If you intend to plant 4" apart on center, you will need 9 plants per square foot. If you plant 5" apart on center, you will need approximately 6 plants per square foot. If you plant 6" apart on center, you will need 4 plants per square foot. If you plant 8" on center, you will need approximately 2.3 plants per square foot.


It is an old time belief that one cannot plant during the hot summer months. Summer planting can be even more advantageous than late Fall since the ground is much warmer and more conducive to root growth. "Throughout the Summer Planting" results can be most gratifying and no more water is required than with early spring planting. We urge you to take advantage of the long Spring and Summer season.


floor plan

  1. Around foundation planting.
  2. Under evergreen trees.
  3. Around flower areas.
  4. Under shade trees.
  5. Around border shrubs.
  6. Edging drives and paths.

This plan for the average size home grounds will serve as a guide in the use of ground cover plants.

You will no doubt find that Vinca Minor, Baltic Ivy and Euonymus will thrive just as well under these same conditions. It might be said that of all the ground cover plants, the Pachysandra might prove to be the most practical and longest lived of all.

A minimum use of the other types can and will add just that much more interest to your planting.


A section of our propagating frames used for growing Pachysandra and Vinca Minor. The burlap shading is used during very hot weather only, so that the plants do not burn while rooting. No protection is provided once they are heavily rooted - your assurance of absolutely dependable and hardy plants that should grow and mature in any problem area on your place

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